Finding happiness

in challenging times

On these unstable days, These days, everything we knew is changing, everything we knew is transforming, the workplace is no longer a safe place, educational systems are inactive, the horizon is uncertain and there is no end date in sight. More than ever we are called to find a balance point for our life, and our spirit. Respiration and spirit are interdependent. they are intertwined, especially nowadays.

The COVID-19 attacks the air ways .. maybe we forgot to listen to our soul and thus received a reminder that can no longer be denied!

We have prepared a very practical guide for you, 5 aspects of creating happiness in these days

Who we are?

Wethinkjoy Is a global happiness company whose goal is to increase mental well-being and dissemination a great deal of knowledge and practical tools in the field of positive psychology, happiness sciences and, above all and most importantly, the integration of the mind-body.

Happiness Such a powerful and magnificent word. we all want to be happy, to live better, to feel better and most importantly to realize that we have been put on this earth for a greater cause.
The question of happiness is an issue that has existed since  the beginning of humanity. for thousands of years people have asked the question "what is happiness?"
So let's talk about happiness.
 After 20 years of independent research in this field , learning from the best, from the greatest lecturers, from one of the greatest mentors in the world. I am now in possession of many principles that I would be happy to share with you.
 My name is Ravit Haim Shomer. I am a wife happily married A mother whose love knows no limits for three children . Simply put I love life and all it's seasons. My greatest wish is to pass on to you the knowledge, tools and insight that I have gained during my life in order that you may improve your own and discover true happiness.
Ready? Let's start 

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